Charles Clymer is a writer and blogger based in Washington, D.C. He provides commentary on politics and current events, especially social issues, through his site, www.charlesclymer.com, and enjoys writing prose and poetry in his spare time. He is currently at work on his debut novel.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Wayne says:

    Would love a more thorough bio–need to know more about you to be interested in following. . .

  2. Spring Valley High says:

    It doesn’t matter if she’s a kid. She wouldn’t leave the room and she was being disruptive. Also on the article ” Apparently, It’s Still Okay to Rape Women” — well Apparently, it’s still OK for Women to rape under age boys in school. Apparently, it’s still OK to genitally mutilate baby males , Apparently it’s still OK for women to lie about rape and face zero consequences for it.

  3. Spring Valley High says:

    Will repeat this as often as needed: Women—not the politicians on stage—should make decisions about their own health. #GOPdebate

    But a male shouldn’t be allowed to make his own decision when it comes to being circumcised.
    But an unmarried man shouldn’t be allowed to walk away from an unwanted pregnancy. Why should a woman have the right to terminate or abandon an unwanted child because it’s inconvenience, but a man is forced to pay child support even if the child was conceived by him being raped by a woman. To hell with Hillary Clinton and to hell with feminist and their so called issues.

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