The March to “President Hillary Clinton”


If you’re reading this post, you decided to make a small sacrifice in the hope for a generous payoff.

The long, exhausting 2012 Presidential Election is over, and, like the vast majority of Americans (myself included), you’re enjoying the wonderful two-year break before the 2016 campaign starts getting warmed up in the press after the 2014 midterms.

In essence, you could probably die happier if you didn’t see another political ad or listened to talking heads shout inane talking points over each other or see yet another passionate political status from friends on Facebook (friends like me).

Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world, and politics is a never-ending battle in the debate over right and wrong. It’s not really a sport or a game but a long evolution spurred by a war-like exchange of ideas and concrete policy.

The 2016 Presidential season has already started, and Hillary Clinton has quickly emerged as the dominant front runner for the Democratic nomination.

In a poll conducted of likely Iowa voters, last week, Clinton took an incredible 58% of the vote with Joe Biden placing far behind with 17%.

A poll of New Hampshire voters, conducted around the same time, showed an even greater chasm: Clinton took 60% with Joe Biden in second place with a mere 10%.

Let me repeat: When presented with the most buzzed-about candidates (Andrew Cuomo, Elizabeth Warren, Deval Patrick, Martin O’Mally, Cory Booker, etc.), Hillary Clinton resoundingly defeated all of them and a sitting (and mildly popular) Vice President with overwhelming majorities among Iowa and New Hampshire voters.

You might be thinking, “Fine, Charles, she did well among Democrats in these polls, and she might very well secure the nomination, but isn’t this same Hillary Clinton that Republicans despise? How do you expect her to do well against someone like Chris Christie in the general election?”

This is a reasonable point… until you look at her popularity among Americans, now.

Over the last four years, Hillary Clinton’s favorability rating has never fallen below 60 percent, and it’s currently around 66 percent, 14 points higher than Barack Obama and around the same against Mitt Romney.

The “Hillary Clinton of the 90s” is no more. Sure, she undoubtedly has enemies among conservative voters, but other than Michelle Obama, Clinton (and her husband) are the most popular political figures in America and among the most respected in the world.

As long she maintains this record streak of phenomenal PR brilliance, Hillary Clinton should march into the White House on January 20th, 2017.

Of course, there are some who believe she isn’t qualified, which is about the biggest load of bullshit I’ve heard in a while.

This is a person who spent eight years as her husband’s closest adviser, eight years as one of the most visible U.S. senators in the country, and the last four years as an extremely popular and skilled Secretary of State.

Need I mention her obvious smarts? She’s a graduate of Yale Law School and easily one of the most brilliant legal minds of her generation.

Her resume is matched by none in the current field of potential candidates for the Democratic candidates, except for Vice Pres. Joe Biden, and increasingly popular as he is, he’s nowhere near her in stature.

You might be thinking, “But hasn’t she said she doesn’t want to run?”

Yes, repeatedly, and yet, she seems to be making all the right  moves for a run. She has declined to serve a second term as Secretary of State, and for good reason: She would have to resign to launch her campaign, and that would be political suicide. So, of course, she’s going to do only one term.

“But what if she really does want to retire?”

That’s very hard for me to believe. She is known for her legendary ambition, extraordinary abilities, and most importantly, her resilient compassion for issues important to her.

Hillary Clinton is not going to say “no” to leading the world’s most powerful country.

And even if we put aside all that, we have to look at the symbolic importance of a such a moment. For the first time, a woman would be the President of the United States. She would be sending a message to every woman and girl in this world that they are just as capable as men to be truly great leaders and a message to those sexist souls on this earth that women really are equal to men.

I believe that, regardless of gender, Hillary Clinton really is the best person to occupy the Oval Office in January, 2017, and I believe she will be one of the greatest presidents we’ve ever had.

It’s just icing on the cake that she’s a woman, and I am absolutely fine with the glass ceiling finally being shattered because it needs to be shattered and in a way that leaves no doubt that gender should not define a person’s greatness.

If this sounds like I’m saying a Hillary Clinton presidency is inevitable, it’s because I am.

Hillary Clinton will be the 45h President of the United States, and personally, I can’t wait for her to take office.


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