What Last Night Means for Us



I plan to write about my experience in Ohio over the last several days, soon, but today, I want to write a short post on what exactly last night’s election results mean for America.

It means a president who has endured the most inane onslaught of bigotry and ignorance over the last four years has prevailed in a dominating Electoral College victory due to the will of the American people.

It means gay Americans will be permitted to marry in three more states, and of all four state referendums on the matter, those who believe in full equality for gay Americans have prevailed in each one.

It means when politicians make ignorant comments on rape and women’s rights, they will be defeated.

It means that, very likely, we will soon have a liberal Supreme Court for the first time in decades.

It means that we will finally have an openly gay U.S. Senator.

It means the Tea Party will continue their fade into obscurity.

It means that those who tried to characterize my generation (folks between 18 and 30) as apathetic or disenchanted with the President were proven absolutely wrong when we came back even stronger in our support for Obama than in 2008.

It means women won huge victories in the fight for their equality, and this means we all, regardless of gender, are better for it.

It means we are even closer to having full marriage equality for the United States.

It means our national and global economies will continue to improve under the liberal policies that saved them from the brink.

It means an eloquent, progressive leader was chosen over the dishonesty and childishness of a fraud.

It means liberalism was given a stirring endorsement.

I means I’m relieved, it means I’m happy, and it means we shall continue moving forward to a brighter day.


7 thoughts on “What Last Night Means for Us

  1. Frances says:

    Amen thank you for your insight.

  2. Jesse says:

    Short, succint and superb!!!

    It means 2016 will look even brighter for Sen-elect Warren or Secretary Hilton!

  3. John Hedtke says:

    This is all that I was thinking and more that I hadn’t articulated. Thank you.

  4. Barry Lough says:

    Very good news indeed! I commented earlier on my page today about how proud I am to be an American today because in spite of the Super Pacs and all their billions of dollars and all the attempts to suppress voting – it didn’t work. The democratic process prevailed and succeeded! That is the most hope I’ve felt in a long time!

  5. John Vincent says:

    Reblogged this on Johnny's America and commented:
    great post from Charles Clymer….

  6. Gigglby says:

    Yes…it means all that and more. It means we will not have to look a Liar lie to us more every time he told us how he was going to help us when he was actually going to screw us. It means we won’t have look at Anne Romney look down her nose to the American people. And it means we have to hire construction workers to build another wing on the White House to house the first family.

  7. It also means a renewal of my faith in the American voter. I had feared that with a count as close as it appeared to be that we had dumbed down to the point that we were believing the junk that was being posted. It is so gratifying to see that more than half of us have both intellect and heart. We recognized the man who will be able to do more for the country than he will for his own ego, and we put him back in office. I am so proud of our First Family and equally proud of the electorate who returned them to the White House. It is a Happy Day for all of us.

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