You know what I really don’t like? Outspoken Republicans who never served in the military.


Actually, I’m sorry. That’s not fair. Or accurate.

Many of my closest friends are Republican, and they’re wonderful people who are able to articulate their views in a manner that promotes understanding between differing political ideologies.

Some of you reading this are that kind of conservative: intelligent, articulate, and understanding. This diatribe is not intended for you.

I’m talking to the conservatives–and conservatives who pose as libertarians or independents (seriously, you’re not fooling anyone)–who, literally, wave a flag with every opinion they spout and God forbid a liberal questions what they say, and if they do, they *must* be a traitor.

These are people who haven’t read the Constitution since they were in high school (and seem to gloss over the parts that are inconvenient to their opinion), who demand the government have less power while simultaneously calling for the government to control women’s healthcare choices and prevent gays from marrying, and who seem to perpetually have their fingers shoved in their ears whenever a dissenting opinion is told in their presence.

It’s these people who wave a flag and call liberals and Democrats “traitors” (or “socialists/commies,” which are just other words for “traitor”).

But here’s what really chaps my ass… the vast majority of these people have never served a day in their life in our Armed Forces.

These are the same people who criticize liberal politicians (many of whom actually did serve) for expressing disagreement with conservative policies by branding them “socialists” who are out to destroy so-called “American values.”

And more flag-waving, of course. And that makes me sad because I love our flag. It really is beautiful.

But seeing some ignorant asshole make ridiculous claims about people who happen to disagree with him or her and, literally, standing in front of, or beside, or while holding, an American flag really does make me want to vomit. It’s a disgusting display.

Here’s a prime example. My hometown’s Congressman is Rep. John Carter (R-TX). Congressman Carter has served in the U.S. House since 2003. My problem with Rep. Carter is not that he’s a Republican or conservative. Again, I have close friends who are conservative, and we get along fine. What pisses me off about John Carter is that the man has the gall to say the most ignorant things while simultaneously displaying an American flag beside his opinions as if the Stars-and-Stripes somehow makes what he says any smarter. His Facebook page is chock-full of this.

And here’s what makes this all so funny: The man has never served in the United States Armed Forces. Not one day. Not reserve duty. Not even JROTC.

This guy feels the need to call the President a socialist commie when even he didn’t make a decision to wear the uniform.

But you know what makes this all the more troubling? Rep. Carter chose not to serve his country during a time of war. Instead, he went to college (graduated in 1964 from Texas Tech) and then, to law school (graduated in 1969). He chose to attend these schools at the height of the Vietnam War, when his country needed young men and women to serve in uniform.

Let me make it even more clear: While young men and women were being sent to die for their country in Vietnam, Congressman Carter chose to avoid the draft and attend college, and then, law school.

And don’t get me wrong: There are probably liberals who do this, too, but honestly, I can’t think of one. If you can, please post their name in the comment section. I’d love to know… because to the best of my knowledge, this is a behavior that is entirely dominated by conservatives and Republicans.

Normally, I wouldn’t mind. If you don’t want to go to war, that’s your choice. But don’t then stand up with a flag in your hand and accuse others of being traitors. You look foolish.

By the way, I did point this out on the Congressman’s Facebook page and was promptly blocked. You gotta love “Freedom of Speech.”

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11 thoughts on “You know what I really don’t like? Outspoken Republicans who never served in the military.

  1. Marv says:

    I agree with the idea that people being closeminded and irrationally spouting nonsense is terrible, but in all honesty, what does serving in the military have to do with it? If a veteran starts labeling the other side “commies” and plugging his ears and waving a flag in an attempt to make himself seem smarter, does his status as a veteran somehow allow him to do this?

    I know that the point of your article is not to say this, but that is most certainly what it implies. “I don’t like outspoken blind republicans who never served in the military” is effectively saying “I am okay with outspoken, closeminded people if they served in the military.”

  2. I must assume from your comments that you are a Democrat, otherwise, you would not be ‘stressing’ that you have friends who are Republicans and conservatives. Not everyone can serve in the military, but at least he didn’t leave the country and go to Canada. He saw fit to at least actually get an education (not that he shouldn’t have served, but that was his choice, like it or not).

    Also, he is now an adult, which means he has perhaps changed his philosophy and regrets not having served his country. Even if he hasn’t come out and stated this, we are not mind-readers and able to see what is in his heart.

    If he calls Obama a commie/Socialist, so what? He wasn’t vetted properly or he wouldn’t be in the Oval Office today! As far as ‘flag waving’ is concerned, at least he honors our flag, and our Constitution, unlike or pathetic President. (Now that makes me want to vomit)

    I hope this doesn’t upset your ‘delicate’ sensibilities but you sound like a whining liberal to me!

  3. jP Morgan says:

    I think this post is just another liberal argument against what the Republicans believe in, and its pretty funny. Oh, and the reference to “womans health” instead of saying “abortion” or “pro life” was a poor way to dodge that sticky subject. Personally I do not agree with abortion. But I do not agree with any other liberal propaganda that is attempted to be shoved down my throat by the media. Sorry.

  4. Alan says:

    Let me start by saying I agree with just about every point you make in this column. The one statement that I disagree on is where you said that it was a conservative phenomenon to avoid Vietnam by going to school. This is most certainly false. Further, you ask for examples. The perfect one is one of my favorite presidents – Bill Clinton. Clinton graduated high school in ’64 and from Georgetown in ’68. Immediately after he attended Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, leaving for Yale Law before earning a degree. He earned his law degree in 1973. American involvement in Vietnam obviously began earlier, but escalated under Johnson in 1963 and draw down was begun by Nixon in 1973. During this entire period Clinton was in school. This is not to say that he, or your Rep. Carter, deliberatly did so to avoid the war; rather, it could simply be that they knew at that time what they wanted for a career path, understood the educational path required to get there and took that path, war or no. While I personally believe that military service is invaluable, and I have served (and continue to serve), I think that it is a bit of a leap to hypothisize on another’s reason for not doing so. That said, I remain in agreement with you that those who do not have significantly less of a leg to stand on when claiming others are “traitors, socialists, or commies” or any other unpatriotic term you can think of.

  5. Old Grad says:

    As clearly demonstrated by Alan in the previous post, your ideological biases prevent you from evaluating any evidence beyond your pre-conceived notions.

    I served on active duty in the Army for over a quarter of a century. And as Marv commented, I don’t see why service in the armed forces is a prerequisite for having an opinion. If YOU feel it is a prerequisite for having an opinion, you should probably mention your own Army service at the beginning of your argument or on your ‘About’ page.

    Finally, I’m curious why you state you are ‘based out of Washington DC’ if you haven’t lived there since 2009.

    Apparently, the Dept of English and Philosophy curriculum ‘has.’ ; )

    • cmclymer says:

      Old Grad, you’re right. I should have expressed my opinion clearer: I do NOT believe military service is a prerequisite for having an opinion, which is why I didn’t mention my own service as it’s irrelevant to the conversation.

      My point is that many conservative commentators (far, far more than liberal commentators) describe their ideological opponents as “not loving America” or “being commies/socialists” or “hating American values” based on no other criteria than them simply disagreeing with conservative ideology. They essentially question their devotion to this country when the conservatives in question never served during a time of war when this country needed them most.

      By the way, I’ve lived in Washington, D.C. since May, 2011. I have a driver’s license here and proof of residency. After a year of residing here, I think I can safely say that I’m “based out of” here.

  6. Old Grad1 says:

    How is the “hate” that you claim conservatives spew different than the implied hate towards conservatives in this opinion piece. You DAILY post hate against conservatives and their views on your facebook page to the point of hilarity. Anytime a controversial decision from the SCOTUS or a liberal agenda is pushed further, you dont celebrate the outcome but rather attempt to rub it in the face of anyone who opposes your viewpoint.

    And I promise you that there are more poser liberals than there are poser conservatives. So dont act like conservatives are the only ones who fail to recognize opposing viewpoints. I most certainly can tell from your posts that you would call someone a bigot, racist or other offensive name if they opposed your EXTREME liberal agenda.

    And didnt you quit/get kicked out of West Point?

    • cmclymer says:

      Wow, I’m not sure who your sources are, but you’re dead wrong on pretty much everything in this comment.

      1. I do not spew hatred towards conservatives on my Facebook page, but I definitely call them out for their hypocrisy and hatred. Sorry if that hurts your ego, but it is what it is.

      2. I did celebrate the SCOTUS decision, and I *did* rub it in the face of conservatives, but that’s the only time I’ve done it in the last few years. I was happy, and I don’t regret it. Based on the ridiculous war against the President conservatives have been waging from Day 1, I thought it was well-deserved.

      3. I’m not really sure how I have an “EXTREME liberal agenda.” All I want is for everyone to be equal. I don’t think that’s a sinister sentiment.

      4. I’m not sure who you talked to, but I wasn’t kicked out from West Point, and I didn’t quit. Due to some serious medical problems, I was forced to retire from the Army, which I did, this past January.

  7. Elisabeth says:

    Well written, Charles. I enjoyed reading this.


  8. Ike Mason says:

    You are a typical liberal , Delusional ” All I want is for everyone to be equal.” All people are different and therefor not equal. If government tries to make everyone equal then that is not freedom that is socialism. Or the liberal code for this is Leveling the playing field.

  9. Walter Messenger says:

    The same thing has bothered me as well. The GOP guy that acts like he is more American than I (a veteran) since he is a conservative with no military experience.

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