Mr. Romney, it’s not that you have tons of money but how you made it.


We knew back in 2007 that former Gov. Mitt Romney is worth as much as $250 million.

That–no shit, Sherlock–is a hell of a lot of money. Just how much is that? If you take the income of the last eight presidents (Nixon to Obama) and double that figure, you’ll come close to $250 million.

That’s stunning. Gov. Romney’s wealth is five times that of both Bush presidents combined and, get this, 25 times that of President Obama, and if you suddenly take away the royalties earned by the President for his two books, Mitt Romney’s wealth would be more than 500 times the President’s wealth.

But America is not new to super-rich presidents. George Washington’s wealth, adjusted for inflation, stood at a mind-boggling $525 million back in the day.

And President Kennedy? Had he lived, he would have inherited a billion dollar empire from his father.

I sincerely don’t believe money makes a person evil. I *do* believe that it lifts the veil on one’s character, however.

Mr. Romney should not be tried in the court of public opinion for his legitimate financial success. He should be tried for his scheming evasiveness and shady dealings.

Okay, that’s probably not fair. When I say “shady” or “evasiveness,” I define them in a perfectly legal context. Mr. Romney is playing by the rules (as far as we know, to this point), but why all the smoke and mirrors?

Why did Mr. Romney find it okay to stash millions upon millions of dollars in offshore accounts? If he’s truly paying taxes on all his income, why the need for accounts in Ireland, the Cayman Islands, and Switzerland?

Then, when you factor in his tax rate of 14%, that should really start to set off some alarms. Taxpayers making under $35,001 annually pay a tax rate of about 15%.

So, what kind of voodoo magic is Mr. Romney pulling to get his income tax down to 14 rather than the typical 35 percent for those making similar incomes to his?

It’s all very fishy, and I’m not inclined to accept that Mr. Romney is managing his finances in such a way that the process would be indistinguishable from the Average American.

Of course, this may soon find itself buried. The former governor is set to win Florida, tonight, by a landslide over Newt Gingrich and often in politics, all it takes is a powerful showing to shut up the critics.

If the Bain Capital debacle and suspicious offshore accounts weren’t enough to sink Mr. Romney, what will be?

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